Bamboo Sculptures

These pieces are made entirely of bamboo and waxed linen, and although they suggest basket shapes they are more sculptural than functional. The bamboo is bent using heat, interwoven, and then secured using waxed linen knots. The shapes are inspired by traditional Japanese baskets, which use humble materials to suggest movement and energy associated with natural forces in the environment. They embody the Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetic by using perishable, natural materials in a way that is more suggestive than literal. The result is an elegant object with an abstract quality similar to Japanese calligraphy, which relies to a large extent on movement and energy to convey meaning. In this respect, they can be viewed as three-dimensional calligraphy. They also reflect the Japanese gardener’s use of simple materials and techniques to suggest a completely natural form. The hand of the maker disappears, and the object appears to have taken shape organically.